Portrush Fashion Photography

Fashion photography by professional Portrush photographer Stephen Devlin for Catalogues, On Line Retailers, Advertising campaigns, Boutiques and Fashion stores.

We can do as much or as little as you need for your project. From planning the shoot, retouching, design of the finished product, ie brochure or book and even a website, we handle all of this for you so you do not have to make a dozen calls to every company of the service you need.

Our team has a straight forward approach to photography which has been proven to save clients time and money. Understanding the clients brief, we stick to it, produce amazing work, excellent customer service and within the given budget for each project.

Any size fashion project you need photographed starts with:

  • Planning your shoot and how you would like each shot lit and set up.

  • Scouting locations.

  • Securing the location, for example if you want to shoot on the beach, in an abandoned warehouse or any place your imagination can take you.

    On the day of the shoot my team of make up artists, hair artists, wardrobe stylist, assistants and of course me, work together to provide you with a successful look for your book, ad campaign, catalog or editorial.

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    24 Welbeck Rd, Worsley, Portrush M28 2SL


    07762 666833






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    Hi, I'm Stephen Devlin a Fashion Photographer based in Portrush UK. I like to think of my style as individual and unique. To me its all about capturing the atmosphere, emotion and fun of the moment. This makes me stand out from the competition. I pride myself in my work and aim to create stylish and modern photographs with every click of my cameras shutter.Booking Information View the Blog

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